Dr Rehman serves as a faculty at Jamia Millia Central University, New Delhi. He specializes  in identity politics and development politics with a focus on South Asia. He has received his graduate training at the University of Texas, Austin, USA; University of Heidelberg, Germany, and Indian Institute of Technology( IIT), New Delhi. He has completed  research project on politics of Kandhmal violence in Odisha 2008 funded by  ICSSR, New Delhi.

His forthcoming book titled: Sikhwa -e- Hind: The Political Future of Indian Muslims by Simon and Schuster is expected to be published in March / April 2021. Some of  his earlier publications include: 1) Communalism in postcolonial India: Changing Contours( Routledge 2018, 2nd edition) with a foreword by Romila Thapar and afterward by Dipesh Chakrabarty; 2) Rise of Saffron Power : Reflections on Indian Muslims ( Routledge 2018).  Besides he has published many book chapters and journal articles. Some of his recent book chapters  are as follows:  ” Ethno – radicalism and  Socio- economic Backwardness: Lessons from the Indian Muslim Experience” in  Minorities and Populaism  edited by Ananya Vajpai and  Kaul Volker , Springer , 2020.  “Politics of Muzaffarnagar Violence in 2013, Uttar Pradesh, India” in  Ali Riaz, Zobaida Nasreen and Fahmida Zaman (edited) Political Violence in South Asia,Routledge 2018. And  journal articles incl  “ Montee Des Tensions Religiouse Et Governance Et  Governance De La Droite Hindoue” IN OUTRE-TREE 24, 54-65, DECEMBER 2018. ( ISBN:978-2-918587-02-6)( In French ) “ Lenjeu des Mussalmansindiens” in OUTRE-TREE 24, RevveEuropeeneDepolitique, AcademieEuropeane De Geo-Politique,2010. Pp 69-84( ISBN:978-2-918587-02-6)( In French)

He writes op eds and reviews regularly for  many Indian newspapers and magazines such as The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, The Livemint, The Outlook, The Frontline etc.  In addition he has occasionally been interviewed by major global media  outlets such as The Economist, The Time, Der Spiegel on contemporary affairs.