The project will achieve its aim of investigating the reimagination of citizenship by ethnographically analysing the contest between official narratives of and popular feelings against the amended citizenship laws.

  1. To address the gap in our collective knowledge of official imaginations of citizenship, the project’s first objective of ethnographically documenting the mechanisms through which people will be enumerated as citizens or excluded from the NRC. 
  2. The project’s second objective of ethnographically researching the protests against India’s amended citizenship laws.

The project’s investigation into reimaginations of citizenship will enable us to provide insights into ongoing political contests against a crisis of social exclusion, statelessness and citizenship in India, as well as the imagination of hope during the protests. The project’s findings will alert stakeholders to the diverse interpretations of citizenship in India. While such interpretations may sometimes be channelled towards economic development, unfulfilled hopes could breed resentment against actual and perceived inequalities, threatening political stability and interrupting the very processes of economic development in India. 

The archive and catalogue produced as part of this project will be immensely valuable to future students of citizenship, democracy and politics in India, as will be the more conventional academic outputs.Our interdisciplinary approach will illustrate the tussles through which citizenship in being reimagined in India. Demonstrating the implications of such tussles for social inequality, political instability and economic crisis will be an important outcome of the project.