Reimagining citizenship in South Asia: An online conference

Date: September 24, 2021

The Reimagining Citizenship project, based at the University of York, and supported by funding from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, together with the South Asia Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association is co-convening an online conference on “Reimagining citizenship in South Asia”.

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South Asia today bears witness to profound contestations over ideas and practices associated with citizenship. Notions of rights, presence and membership in the political community are being interrogated. As the 1.5 billion people of the region negotiate their states, societies and territories in a quest for better lives, they imbue citizenship with meanings that extend far beyond its original conception as a status bestowed by governments upon populations. This conference invites reflections on contemporary imaginations of citizenship in this geopolitically explosive, economically precarious and ecologically fragile region.

Conference Booklet: Reimagining Citizenship in South Asia


Conference schedule (BST): 

Welcome remarks

08:45-09:00 am; 24/09/21

Welcome remarks by

Nicole Lindstrom, Deputy HoD, Department of Politics, University of York, UK; &

Indrajit Roy, PI- Reimagining Citizenship project, Department of Politics, University of York, UK.



Panel 1: Domination

09:00-10:30 am; 24/09/21

  1. “Contesting Cultural Citizenship and Political Citizenship: A Sociological Study of Paroja Tribe” by Devanjan Khuntia, Sharda University, India.
  2. “Citizenship Conundrum of the Exterior Castes during ‘Crisis’ and ‘Normalcy” by Sheetal Dinkar Asha Kamble, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, India.
  3. “A critical discourse analysis of Hindu nationalists’ citizenship narrative” by Stuti Bhatnagar, University of New South Wales, Australia; and Zahid Shahab Ahmed, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization, Deakin University, Australia.
  4. Ethnic Domination and Liberal democracy in Sri Lanka by Rajesh Venugopal, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.



Panel 2: Belonging

11:00  am -12:30 pm; 24/09/21

  1. “Re-constructing Citizenship in Islam: An analysis of the Status of Minorities in Pakistan” by Abeeda Qureshi, Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. “Belonging’ in Nepal’s newly-formed provinces” by Deepak Thapa, Social Science Baha, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  3. “What’s in a Name? The Role of Proper Names in the NRC Process” by Manjita Devi Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.
  4. “Diminished Citizenship: Struggle continues for a meaningful social citizenship” by Ramesh Ramasamy, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.




1:30- 2:00 pm; 24/09/21

The keynote “1971: The end of the postcolonial state” will be delivered by Prof. Faisal Devji, University of Oxford, UK.





Panel 3: Territory 

02:00-03:30 pm; 24/09/21

  1. “Half Citizen or Non-Citizen? A Comparative Analysis of Manufactured Liminality of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Bengal-origin Muslims in Assam” by Angshuman Choudhury, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi, India.
  2. “Occupied Citizen: Inherent Paradox of the Indian Constitution” by Dyuti A, University of Sussex, UK.
  3. “Land as identity (Re)imagining Land rights, Citizenship and the demand for Gorkhaland in Darjeeling Hills” by Sangay Tamang, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India.
  4. “‘Beautiful Bangladesh’ has no indigenous people: State Paradoxes on Indigenity” by Zobaida Nasreen, Associate Professor Department of Anthropology University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Special Panel on Afghanistan 

04:00-05:30 pm; 24/09/21

  1. “Human rights of religious minorities in Afghanistan” by Samira Hamidi, Amnesty International.
  2. “Ethnic minorities in Afghanistan” by Omar Sadr, American University of Afghanistan.
  3. “Violence Against Women under Taliban Regime” by Qazi Marzia Babakarkhail, Former Supreme Court Judge in Afghanistan.
  4. “Afghan Women’s Citizenship in Peril?: The Geopolitics of Women’s Roles in Afghan Society” by Jennifer L. Fluri, University of Colorado-Boulder, USA.


Panel 4: Border 

05:30-07:00 pm; 24/09/21

  1. ” Locating the 1971 refugee crisis in the citizenship debates” by Antara Datta, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
  2. “Who are “We, the People of India”? An Examination of Diaspora Contestations over India’s Citizenship Laws” by Bidisha Biswas, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Cooperation Research, Duisburg, Germany.
  3. “Citizenship and ‘minorities’: On the ambivalences of Plural Civic Nationalism and ‘Ethnic’ Nationalism in South Asia’s Eastern Borderlands” by Noel Mariam George, IIT Madras, India.
  4. “On passing: reimagining boundaries in/between India and Bangladesh” by Shreya Uttara Kushal, University of Oxford, UK.

Conference Call: Reimagining Citizenship in South Asia