Dr. Indrajit Roy, Principal Investigator

Dr Indrajit Roy is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Politics, University of York, UK. Indrajit researches and teaches the politics of ‘new development futures’, where development is understood broadly as an ensemble of practices, processes and possibilities that encompass economic change and social transformation. His work illustrates the profound ways in which agents in the Global South disrupt prevailing understandings of development. By going beyond Eurocentric and elite-centric narratives, this work opens new debates for critical explorations of development. This in turn shapes growing efforts at diversifying and decolonising the field, making development studies a global discipline.

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Dr Harsh Mander, Co-Investigator

Dr Harsh Mander is a co-investigator in this research project. Dr Mander is a human rights and peace worker, writer, columnist, researcher and teacher, who works with survivors of mass violence, hunger, homeless persons and street children. He recently organized a campaign of continuing journeys of solidarity and conscience to families affected by hate violence across India, called Karwan e Mohabbat or a Caravan of Love. An overview of his writings and talks are available on http://harshmander.in/

Natasha Badhwar

Natasha Badhwar is a co-investigator in this research project. She is an Indian author, columnist, film maker, journalist and media trainer. She has written the books, My Daughters MumImmortal For a Moment and Reconciliation: Karwan-e-Mohabbat‘s Journey of Solidarity through a Wounded India (co-authored with Harsh Mander and John Dayal).

Dr Mujibur Rehman

Dr Mujibur Rahman is a co-investigator in this research project. Dr Rehman serves as a faculty at Jamia Millia Central University, New Delhi. He specializes  in identity politics and development politics with a focus on South Asia. He has received his graduate training at the University of Texas, Austin, USA; University of Heidelberg, Germany, and Indian Institute of Technology( IIT), New Delhi. He has completed  research project on politics of Kandhmal violence in Odisha 2008 funded by  ICSSR, New Delhi.

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Dr Ravi Raman

Dr K Ravi Raman is a co-investigator in this project. He is currently a full-time member, State Planning Board, Government of Kerala. Until recently, he was a senior fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. He was a visiting fellow in Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester for varying periods. He is also an honorary research fellow in the Department of Development Studies, SOAS, London, and affiliated researcher on Egalitarianism, University of Bergen and Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Development Studies Thiruvananthapuram. He is the author of Global Capital and Peripheral Labour (Routledge, 2010b/2012/2015), editor of Development, Democracy and the State (Routledge, 2010) and Corporate Social Responsibility (with Ronnie Lipschutz) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) and has contributed to top-ranking journals such as Review of International Political Economy; Review of Radical Political Economics; Organization; Cambridge Journal of RegionsEconomy and SocietyNature and Culture; Social Analysis; Business History Review and so on.

Dr. Mohsin Alam Bhat

Dr. Mohsin Alam Bhat is a co-investigator in this research project. He serves as an Associate Professor and Executive-Director of the Center for Public Interest Law at the Jindal Global Law School. He read law at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, before completing his LL.M. and J.S.D. from Yale Law School. Before going to Yale, he clerked with Chief Justice P. Sathasivam, Supreme Court of India. His areas of research include constitutional law and theory, equality and discrimination law, law and religion, and law and social movements. He is interested in combining multiple methodologies, particularly ethnographic methods, in the study of law. Mohsin has worked on the affirmative action in India, and the role of rights and constitutional discourse in minority political mobilization in India. In 2016, he was awarded the Gruber Fellowship in Global Justice and Women’s Rights (Yale) and started an ongoing empirical research on urban rental housing discrimination in India.

Mr. Abdul Kalam Azad 

Mr Abdul Kalam Azad is a co-investigator in this project. He is a human rights researcher, community worker, and writer based in Assam. Currently, he is working on his Ph.D. thesis on Assam’s citizenship crisis at Athena Institute, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam under Prof. Dr. J.G.F. Bunders-Aelen (promoter), Dr. H. Mander (co-promoter), and Dr. E.E. de Wit (co-promoter).

Dr Buddhadeb Halder

Dr Halder is the Post-Doctoral Research Associate in this project and he is conducting digital ethnography in this project. He completed his PhD in Law, Science and Technology (ICT  and Law) under the Erasmus+ Programme supported by the European Union. He holds double masters in human rights. He worked with various national and international institutions, including the International Secretariat (London) of Amnesty International, Centre for Equity Studies, New Delhi, Digital Empowerment Foundation, New Delhi and the Hummingbird Foundation UK.

In-Country Team Members- 

  1. Ms. Varna Balakrishnan (Project Coordinator)
  2. Banojyotsna Lahiri (Researcher)
  3. Mr. Abdul Kalam Azad (Researcher)